I want to make BJJ Lifestyle Team as big and successful as possible..

Featured photo: Team Alliance – HQ, Sao Paulo, Brazil – at the 2013 world championships. Why can’t we become a big UK team…?

I have revisited my motives for starting BJJ Lifestyle Team and my reasons are as follows:

  • To have a Kingston based training opportunity
  • To build a big, successful competition team
  • To become as good as I can be as a teacher and competitor
  • To involve as many people as possible with the team

I am excited about developing many training partners – I would like us to become a recognised UK team and look forward to travelling as a team to competitions in the UK and abroad. I would like to create a sense of team loyalty and pride.

I want to make the opportunity to join available to as many people as possible. I certainly don’t want to lose the chance of teaching people with huge potential which is why I have set the monthly membership fee at £60. I want to constantly make progress on what we offer too and will be working hard to make BJJ Lifestyle Team THE team to belong to.

I will be reinvesting in the team and would like to be in a position to fund travel to competitions, to have social evenings and afford new mats when we need them, provide additional training times, team clothing and other things that will benefit the team. I benefited greatly from attending a St John First Aid course and would like to put other team members on the course.

If you haven’t ‘Liked’ BJJ Lifestyle Team on Facebook, yet – please do, I want to build the Facebook group up. I will also be ‘tweeting’ regularly so staying in touch with what’s going on couldn’t be easier if you follow BJJ Lifestyle Team on Twitter.