BJJ Lifestyle Team Welcome Leo Negao For First Seminar

Leo’s first seminar was three hours long with a lot of attention given to detail – technical demonstrations were followed by practice and questions and answers. IMG_0009The first part of the seminar featured a strong mount defence and we were then taught how to attack the foot as a follow-up, securing the knee and forcing the opponent to roll.

Leo’s Triangle defence was broken down and built back up again, stage by stage until the team had a firm grasp of the concepts.

The mount is a particularly difficult position to escape from if the person mounted has a strong understanding of how to secure the position and submit their opponent. Leo offered several escapes based on a number of possible mount attacks – lots has been gleaned and we now have our opportunity to practice during our weekly training sessions.Group

Leo is scheduled to do another defend and escape seminar in three months time – with Side Control escapes featuring strongly.

If you would like to start learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Kingston – come and join us – there are lots of complete beginners on the mat. IMG_0031Your monthly membership fee gives you access to a former World BJJ champion, a Bulgarian National  champion and a Commonwealth Judo champion, all of which coach on our mat. Call Diccon on 07974 303 147 or contact us through our website for a prompt response and start your own BJJ journey.


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