Leg Locks Our Present Focus of Attention

Great feedback from the team helps us to deliver the training people are looking for. Of course what we do, is well-rounded – everybody is taught the essentials of BJJ, but just recently, we’ve been focusing our attention on leg locks under the watchful eye of Rodolfo Patello – 3rd degree black belt and leg lock expert. Fascinating, no other word for it – so interesting and pleasing those on the team that have become fans of the EBI format. 

There is an incredible amount of technical detail – so much more than grab a foot and apply strength. Posture as always king, how to secure the foot, trap the knee, use your body to see off counter attacks and all the technical detail that allows you to apply pure leverage. Awesome. The two brown belts on the team are training leg attacks and leg lock/lower body defence a full four days a week on top of their usual evening session training – and all of the knowledge gained from Patello is filtered down for everybody’s benefit.

Learn footlocks, heel hooks, knee bars and toe holds at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston — Brazilian style BJJ training by the river. Oss.

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