Escaping Side Control, Reversing the Opponent and Attacking – Rear Naked Choke Details

Great training session on Thursday night – working hard on our number one side control escape – reversing the opponent once we’ve escaped and carrying on with a first submission attempt, on the inside arm. There’s so much to learn which makes our training enjoyable and fascinating. Lots on the team have seen this attack on the arm but hearing the details from Leo Negao that makes our us more efficient.

We are chaining techniques together to form drills that can be practiced over and over again and our BJJ standard is lifting rapidly.

Honing our side control escape to dramatically improve our chances of succeeding with our escape under pressure, learning and sharpening our reversal and without pausing our movement, dropping into a dominant side control position to go on the offensive.

There’s never been a better time to join Kingston BJJ – contact us to book your free week of training and become part of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team – beginners very welcome.

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