A Very Friendly Welcome

BJJ Lifestyle Team’s ethos is to make training enjoyable and rewarding. We extend a very friendly welcome to everyone who is interested in becoming part of our team. We are non aggressive in our approach and entirely BJJ focused. Our ambition is to create an extremely strong team environment where everyone can benefit from learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The team will focus on competition – but you don’t need to compete in competitions if you don’t want to – there are many benefits from training in BJJ, aside from competing.

BJJ Lifestyle Team promotes good physical health. Classes are supportive and encouraging and every effort is made to cater for individual needs. We are driven by our passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – seek team spirit, competition success and wish to introduce as many people as possible to what is widely referred to as the BJJ Lifestyle – the team coach’s motivation is team success and not personal financial gain. Money received will be invested in the team’s development.

Our very friendly welcome supports teaching rather than instructing. Our aim is to build the team up – retaining members to gain size and opportunity for all. Classes are taught at a slow, easy pace where detailed explanation and analysis is given. No effort is made to embarrass, single people out or make anyone feel awkward, uncomfortable or silly. We want to keep people interested, not lose them.

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