About the BJJ Lifestyle

You may be wondering what the BJJ lifestyle is – how do you live it? I am sure the BJJ lifestyle is different things to different people – but for most within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, the BJJ lifestyle extends to exercising through training and eating a healthy diet for overall well-being and the performance of BJJ. We all have our own interpretation and for some, certain aspects are less important than others. Being 43, I have a very changed view on how I would like to live my life – things that weren’t important to me twenty years ago are now high on my list of how I want to live.

I am constantly working towards being where I would ideally like to be – but as with others, certain things like time, willpower and my busy schedule do not make everything absolutely possible. In starting the BJJ Lifestyle Team – I feel I will have a responsibility to others – and so my training sessions will need to remain consistent. I also need to be physically capable – and will conduct myself as a suitable role model. I will need to practice what I believe in and hope others in the team will believe in the BJJ lifestyle, too.

My personal interpretation of the BJJ lifestyle involves the following:

Exercise through training – BJJ offers incredible full body exercise – practice conditions the heart and lungs, builds functional muscle and promotes flexibility.

Eating healthily – understanding that the food you eat is your fuel, affects day-to-day and long-term health – you perform to your maximum when you eat well.

Stretching – I never paid much attention to stretching when I was younger – partly because genetically, I’m flexible – but the best Guard players in the World have good flexibility. Stretching regularly, prevents injury and also has a carry on effect into my physical ability in everyday life. I believe stretching allows you to perform well despite your age. When I stretch, I don’t feel stiff – I feel more dynamic.

Practicing technical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – strength doesn’t last forever – and the real beauty of BJJ is in technique. Technical Jiu-Jitsu keeps my mind alive and brings interest and reward.

Staying hydrated – I drink a lot of water, when I’m training and when I’m not. Water makes me feel healthy.

Staying calm and relaxed at all times – I strongly believe that staying calm, composed and relaxed is the key to good long-term health. I try to avoid anger and ill temper. I believe that aggression and loss of control is bad for the system.

Getting enough sleep – the one I don’t find easy.

Lastly – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has brought me so many things – and I have a strong interest in passing my knowledge onto others. Yes, I dream of medals – but just as important to me is the opportunity to introduce as many people as possible to a wonderful art. My interest extends way beyond the training sessions – the BJJ lifestyle is how I want to live my life.

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