‘Brazilian Style’ BJJ Training in 2017

2016 has been a great year for us with lots learned from Leo Negao. We sailed through our three-year team anniversary in September. Leo’s pressure game has had a very significant impact on the team’s BJJ. The team has grown to such a size – topping 50 – that there are now regularly 25 people training on the BJJ Lifestyle … Read More

Gold for Michael Cheung at the Surrey Open

Big Mike bosses division to take gold at the Surrey BJJ Open… Michael Cheung and Richard Mackie put it on the line for the team at the Surrey Open, performing brilliantly – four fights between them, three wins, two by submission. Very exciting it was to watch Mike take both opponents down with an Uchi Mata. Rich also took his first opponent … Read More

Knee on Stomach and Mount Retention

Another superb week of training with an in-depth look at securing the triangle with an ‘S’ mount entry. Options were given for an arm-bar finish or a triangle submission – two of BJJ’s big moves. Pictured: two of BJJ Lifestyle Team’s high level blue belts practicing knee on stomach, mount retention and Kimura finishes. Both have become high level grapplers … Read More

Triangle Mechanics – Come and Learn This Devastating Submission

One of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s signature techniques – the effectiveness of the Triangle Choke is widely seen in the UFC. Although relatively easy to learn, it’s the fine details that really make the Triangle submission easy to finish. At BJJ Lifestyle Team, we focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that could be relied upon in a self-defence situation. We work hard to … Read More

Coaching Team Further Strengthened at Lifestyle Team in Kingston

Exceptionally excited about learning Kata Guruma (Fireman’s carry) from Olympic athlete and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Danny Williams – over the course of the next eight weeks. The Lifestyle Team coaching line-up now includes: Lyubo Kumbarov – teaching No-Gi takedowns for BJJ on Saturdays between 10.30 and 12 noon. Lyubo is also available for private lessons. Lyubo’s Saturday training sessions are available … Read More

Nice Technical Training Session on Thursday Followed by 45 Minutes of Sparring

More work from the guard last Thursday with a fascinating insight from Gary Hewson on destroying your opponent’s lead grip – very interesting and I look forward to learning more and adding this to my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We carried on breaking down the back take and included detail on how to create space to put the hooks in. Our sparring … Read More

Twenty Plus On The Mat Practicing Takedowns Followed By BJJ

Great training session last night – the start of a new era. A privilege to be coached by Jon Purssey, former Commonwealth and British Judo champion. After ten months of Judo for BJJ, everyone is starting to look really good on their feet – for those that have been consistent, the hard work is paying off. Our new training structure … Read More

We’re Building A BJJ Competition Team – Beginners Very Welcome

BJJ Lifestyle Team is going from strength to strength and we are building a competition team. If you haven’t practiced BJJ before, why not join us at our grass roots level and train to become a future champion! There is a very active beginners/white belt competition scene in the UK. We’re now entered at NAGA, The British Open, The Bournemouth … Read More