Adult Beginners BJJ

Contact me and I will answer any questions you have – 07974 303147

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WHITE BELTS ONLY BJJ lessons – Mondays and Fridays every week. We will lend you a clean Gi for the first few lessons.

Learning BJJ brings many benefits: good physical health, fun, friendship, practical skills, confidence, promotes a healthy mind. We have lessons on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights  – open to all belt levels. We’re two minutes walk from Kingston bridge.

Our adult beginners BJJ lessons focus on the following:

  • A basic takedown
  • The closed guard
  • How to escape if someone is mounted on you
  • How to escape if someone is laying across you
  • How to stay on top of someone to control them
  • How to control someone from the side – side control
  • Two basic submissions used when underneath someone
  • Two basic submissions used when on top of someone
  • A way of reversing someone if you have them in your guard

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Our BJJ for beginners lessons are designed to give people with absolutely no Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience, a good understanding of the fundamentals of the art. The lessons are self-defence based – and are suitable for men and women that would like to try BJJ to gain some valuable skills.


Lessons are led by Diccon Lynes – who has extensive teaching experience.

Your first three training sessions are FREE.

Our white belts only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons take place on Monday and Friday nights .