Build exceptional Defence

The very best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes have incredible defence. I love studying defence and escapes and would have an entire evening dedicated to the study of defence and escapes once per week, if time made it possible. What I will ensure is that we all have a rock solid defence and escape system for dealing with the most common submissions – arm bars, triangles, guillotines and Kimura’s. If we can all deal with these automatically under pressure, we will have a great platform.

The defence and escape system we practice will involve a number of aspects:

Understanding why we might be vulnerable to attack

Anticipating attack and shutting attacks down before they get started

Recognising attacks quickly under pressure

Responding to attacks with the most appropriate defence

Dealing with attacks once they have progressed

Escaping efficiently

If you have a well rehearsed plan you can execute for all the common submissions – you will have great confidence. We will all be working hard to achieve this – and will be building a lot of repetition into the defences and escapes we practice, so that we can deal with attack when put under pressure.

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