Core Submissions

There are an array of submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Core submissions include chokes, arm bars and leg locks. We practice chokes with and without the use of the Gi and they can be applied from just about every position. The chokes we apply prevent blood from getting to the brain which renders someone unconscious – but of course unconsciousness is something we want to avoid at all costs when we are training together – which is why we operate a ‘tap’ system. As soon as a person taps their training partner it signals that the person cannot continue. It is imperative that the ‘tap’ system is respected – after all, we are practicing a sport and are training partners trying to help each other improve technically, as teammates.

The chokes we practice can be applied from lots of dominant positions – Side Control, North South, Mount and when we have taken someone’s back – the choke applied once someone’s back is taken is called the Rear Naked Choke or Mata Leao which translates as ‘Lion Killer’ in Portuguese.

The joint locks we apply can be applied from underneath the opponent usually when we have the opponent in our ‘Guard’ and when we are on top, controlling the person underneath. Arm bars and the Kimura are applied with technical detail that makes them difficult to defend – both techniques designed to attack the ligaments around the joint. Applied in a self-defence situation, it would be unlikely the aggressor could continue fighting or would be injured to the extent that punching would be very difficult. We also practice the Omoplata which is applied from underneath our opponent and attacks the shoulder joint – Omoplata translating  to ‘shoulder’ in Portuguese.

My intention is to ensure that the whole team has a finely honed arsenal of core submissions – people talk about ‘high percentage moves’ and it is the core positions that we need to make sure we are constantly practicing to give ourselves the confidence that we can tap people in practice and competition. Those that are admired most are those that are constantly hunting for submissions. Marcelo Garcia, a highly decorated many times world Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor says ‘the more I attack the more he needs to defend’. Let’s practice those submissions at BJJ Lifestyle Team to show the art and give ourselves the best chance of success when competing.


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