Diccon Alves-Souza Lynes

Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach

I started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in June, 2006 and since 2013 have dedicated myself to teaching.

Beginning BJJ at any age really isn’t too late and I say to beginners, ‘you haven’t started too late, we can do this together for the next twenty years’. I didn’t start BJJ until I was 36 and now I’m 50, even more interested than I was right back at the beginning. Being part of the Lifestyle Team will give you what you are looking for.

My enjoyment now comes from getting people started, building their interest and teaching them the ground positions and escapes.

BJJ is healthy in lots of ways and extends way beyond practice. Being part of a team, following a physically healthy pursuit, sharing laughter and being around a like minded group are all extremely positive things. I have benefited immensely, I am gaining new skills all the time, which keeps me interested on my path – and never stop learning. I feel calm, contented and healthier in body and mind. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has become a lifestyle which extends way beyond my weekly training sessions – it’s 24/7 and provides direction.
Contact me on 07974 303 147 and I will be very pleased to answer any questions you may have, tell you about our team and how I believe joining us and learning Jiu-Jitsu will have a very positive impact on your life.

Contact me and I will answer any questions you have.






  1. I’ve trained with Diccon for a month or two and have really enjoyed the experience. There are many ‘McDojos’ out there where it’s all about the money and you barely get to talk to the higher grades let alone spar with them. With Diccon you get to do all this and to really learn techniques, he’ll drill techniques until you’ve learnt them rather than just flying through move after move.
    Also there is a lot of emphasis on practical techniques rather that the frivolous stuff taught in some clubs, applicable for self-defence as well as competition.
    I highly recommend the club, if you’re thinking of starting BJJ this is definitely the club for you

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