Takedowns for Beginners

The BJJ Lifestyle Team will have a strong interest in sport BJJ competitions. I believe it is imperative for us to practice takedowns every training session. We are supported my two phenomenal coaches – Leo Negao and Lyubo Kumbarov, both of which have a strong takedown game – Leo in the Gi and without and Lyubo who teaches an array of freestyle wrestling attacks and defences.

With limited time available to us, we will be focusing on a small number of takedowns but will be drilling heavily to ensure that we are able to apply our takedowns under pressure with success.

I am keen to ensure that through repetition and attention given to the details, we will all develop a takedown game that is very difficult to stop. We will work towards dominating our opponents when standing, threatening takedowns constantly and will aim to hit the mat in a superior position. We will impose our game.

The BJJ Lifestyle Team will be known for their ferocious and persistent takedown game – our matches will be artistic, effective and enjoyable to watch.

As a final point, our consistent practice will give us confidence when starting a sports match from a standing position. I believe many lack confidence when standing – we will work hard to ensure that the standing game becomes second nature so that we can deal with the pressure of competition. I want the team to be desensitized to the pressure an opponent can put us under and the process of feeling truly comfortable will only come from hours and hours of being pulled, pushed and attacked.

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