Takedowns in the Gi

BJJ Lifestyle Team will practice takedowns every training session. We will practice and build up our attacks gradually. Progress will be slow and manageable – we will be a team training for team success. My approach to training will be easy on the body and the mind – it isn’t possible to practice with full intensity all of the time – the body can’t take it and the mind can’t, either. I want people to look forward to training sessions and not be worried about getting hurt.

We will practice takedowns by examining the details, practicing slowly and gently, in slow motion with completely compliant partners – we will build up our repetitions. We will break down movements into stages so that entries are practiced as isolated movements – we will add the contact point and the finish – running everything together with differing degrees of speed, power and compliance. Emphasis will be given to becoming ‘slick’, fluid and unstoppable. We will train our minds to believe we are unstoppable. As a team, we will analyse, experiment, try new ideas and give each other feedback. We will go all out some training sessions but will have conditioned our bodies for impact and accustomed our minds before doing so.

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