Josh Cox

Any negative expectations that may arise when joining a martial-arts gym will instantly be squashed after attending your first free session at BJJ Lifestyle Team. As someone who was completely new to BJJ and martial arts more generally, I could not have asked for a better atmosphere. The sessions are relaxed and enjoyable, whilst remaining… Continue Reading

George Elliott

I have massively enjoyed training with the team in Kingston over the past few months. Diccon promotes an open and constructive learning environment, with some truly vital skills on offer.

Greg Schmidt

Had never tried BJJ till I joined the Lifestyle Team in Kingston 6 months ago. Very inviting and friendly. Was hooked after my first session and have been a regular ever since. Fantastic coaches, great knowledge and very encouraging. Gi and No-Gi classes on offer and the team spirit, brotherhood and family of the Team… Continue Reading

Josh Thorley

I started training with the Lifestyle Team 9 months ago as a complete beginner, Diccon & the whole team made me feel so welcome. The training is fun, productive & great exercise. I attend at least 2 sessions a week & only wish I had the spare time to attend more. I would recommend joining… Continue Reading

Curt Tralls

From the first time I stepped into the club I was welcomed by Diccon and all the other members of the Lifestyle Team. It’s been almost 3 months and I have made many new friends and feel that this will be a long term addition to my life. I would fully recommend this club to… Continue Reading

Peter Bell

I had some experience before I came to train here, but I have to say that after training for just a couple of weeks my ability and knowledge of this beautiful art were increased far more than anywhere I’d trained before. There are some really great, solid people here that are a delight to learn… Continue Reading