Training Methodology

Marcus Buchecha putting 'Knee on Stomach' on Bernardo Faria.

Marcus Buchecha putting ‘Knee on Stomach’ on Bernardo Faria.

Team training will be focused on developing a deep understanding of the fundamentals and repetition. We will also study the details which make a big difference, and drill.

I am a big believer in carving the neuro muscular pathways that allow us to respond quickly under pressure. To achieve this, familiarity with position needs to be built and a technique needs to be repeated many times.

I am looking forward to developing training partners that I can drill key positions and escapes with.

To summarise: BJJ Lifestyle Team training sessions will be based on mastering the fundamentals, drilling and repetition, practicing a technique for multiple sessions rather than dropping techniques and moving on. There will also be considerable time given to defences and escapes.

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