Two On One

I absolutely love Two on One training – and we will focus heavily in this area to sharpen our skills. I have only to date practiced three or four entries and takedowns – Lyubo assures me this game is very deep and it’s something I’m keen for the team to explore. As a shorter person, I feel it suits me better than the front headlock system and I find it easier to get it off in full resistance sparring having had some success under pressure from someone far bigger and more athletic than me.

The set ups are also very easy to practice and can be repeated over and over again in training sessions because they don’t require as much physical involvement. Repetition is king – we will be practicing Two on One a great deal, under Lyubo’s expert guidance.

1 Comment
  1. the two on one system is truly phenomenal once you start to use it and look for it all the time, its great for gaining control over your opponent from a standing position.

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