BJJ Lifestyle Team – Training Methodology and Focus

Featured image: Rodolfo Vieira – an exceptional champion and fantastic role model for anyone beginning sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – photo courtesy of

BJJ Lifestyle Team – Training Methodology

My overall approach to team training will be focused on building the basics of technique, understanding principles, and repetition. I will be concentrating on laying strong foundations, building a deep understanding of the fundamentals, the little details which make a big difference, and drilling. I am a big believer in carving the neuro muscular pathways that allow us to respond quickly under pressure. To achieve this, familiarity with position needs to be built and a technique needs to be repeated many times.

I will be leading my classes with an extremely strong focus on the structure of BJJ that is the making of those most successful. There are many complicated moves that are rarely used – and time spent refining them is time that could be used mastering the concepts that make the biggest difference. I am looking forward to developing training partners that I can drill key positions and escapes with.

To summarise: BJJ Lifestyle Team training sessions will be based on mastering the fundamentals, drilling and repetition and practicing a technique for multiple sessions rather than dropping techniques and moving on. There will also be considerable time given to take downs, defences and escapes.