I would dearly love a medal one day…

I would dearly love a medal one day…

Photo courtesy of www.mikecalimbas.com


As my journey begins in competition BJJ, I know that I will need so many physical and mental attributes to win a gold medal in my weight class. For something to be truly satisfying, its attainment will not have been easy and sacrifices will need to be made, considerable effort delivered and anxiety and emotion controlled and overcome.

I have never competed in sport BJJ, but I have challenged myself in other disciplines and have a strong interest in studying and understanding what makes a champion.

To be successful in anything you need to be focused and will overcome all obstacles and difficulties. You need to have desire, belief and ambition – mental preparation is key to success. Those that regularly expose themselves to something they are fearful of eventually conquer their fear.

With the formation of the BJJ Lifestyle Team, I will be training myself and others in preparation for competition and with time, hope we will enjoy many successes.