What to expect from your first lesson at BJJ Lifestyle Team

Rafael Mendes of Team Atos in America, with a spectacular arm bar submission – I watched him compete at the ADCC in 2011…he is an incredible athlete.

What to expect from your first lesson at the BJJ Lifestyle Team. I am extremely keen to introduce people to a way of life that I didn’t find until I was 36. Training needs to be fun. If you don’t have fun you either miss classes or give up completely. My approach is welcoming, I don’t believe in grueling warm ups, I have no interest in aggression or violence and I believe that people should learn slowly at a manageable pace. Any possibility of awkwardness and embarrassment is avoided. You don’t need to be super fit, but you will get there if you train consistently. Egos aren’t welcome.

I am very keen to promote a true team feeling where we learn and develop together. My Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey started 7 years ago and I would like to build a team where those around me are just as committed and interested in the world sport BJJ scene as I am. I would like to develop training partners so that I can continue to develop my own technical ability.

If you would like to join me by starting your own journey, I would be very pleased to teach you. Lessons are starting in September 2013 in Kingston upon Thames.