BJJ Lifestyle Team Update

Featured photo – Rodolfo Vieira receiving heavyweight Gold at the 2013 IBJJF world championships (Mundials) – I hope we can achieve many podium places in UK BJJ competitions.

BJJ Lifestyle Team Update

I have been looking into the cost of mats and will be purchasing a set of new Judo mats that will be 40mm thick – so that we can have nice comfortable training sessions. I will be including a lot of freestyle wrestling takedown practice as part of what we do – and I want to make sure our landings are well cushioned and easy on the body. The mats are costing thousands of pounds but we will have the use of them for many years.

Good quality, thick mats are essential to consistent takedown practice – I will be making sure that Leo leaves us with a good Gi takedown to practice when he visits. I also know an exceptional national standard Judo player who I intend to invite along from time to time to teach us some nice Judo sweeps.

I am also in the process of having a team logo designed by a professional design agency – this will feature on our Gi’s, on the website and in marketing.

I have booked myself onto a St Johns First Aid, first aid for sport course – and club insurance will be in place by 9th September.

I will also be arranging to have a huge team flag made – this will become the backdrop to our training sessions – we may not have this for 9th September but I hope to have a team flag by the end of the year – before the first BJJ Lifestyle Team Christmas dinner!

I would like to have pictures of our humble beginning and ongoing training sessions – I have bought a very good Sony camera and will be posting pictures to the BJJ Lifestyle Team site for everyone’s enjoyment!

The team HQ will be at Kingston & District Sea Cadets Centre, Thames Side, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 1PX

I have chosen this centre because it is in a quieter part of town, by the river and also provides a large training space. I considered other halls but partly chose the Sea Cadets Centre because it is a charity providing a great experience to children. I would prefer to pay hall fees to a charity rather than a commercial organisation – it all sits well with my morals.

For those that are unfamiliar with the area, the Sea Cadets Centre is very close to Turk’s Launches,  John Lewis and behind TGI Fridays.

Parking is available outside the centre and costs £1.20 per hour – the centre is 6 or 7 minutes walk from Kingston station.

Training Days and Times:

Mondays and Thursdays 7 pm – 8.30 pm. I would be keen to hear from people with regards to preferred start time – we will go with the popular choice. E-mail me at: to let me know which start time you prefer.

Our ethos will be to train in good company with team spirit, to learn without pressure for enjoyment, and to have a strong work ethic.

Our first two training sessions will be on Monday 9th September and Thursday 12th September, 2013.

Depending on interest – I may organise a one hour sparring session on Saturday mornings – once we’re established.

Really looking forward to starting – and looking forward to meeting everybody.