A strong message – you need to train like you compete

When Renzo Gracie is asked in the documentary ‘Legacy’ –  ‘why do you still compete’ he answers, ‘my friend, because I am writing my life story’, I think that is an incredibly powerful statement – and it really inspires me. I want a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition life story and I hope members of BJJ Lifestyle Team have many great experiences writing their life stories, too.

The following video carries many strong messages. I hesitated to post this video because JT Torres makes it clear that if you want to be a champion you need to put yourself round champions – we don’t have champions yet – but we can work together to have champion mindsets and I believe in time, we will all have great moments if we want things badly enough.

I wanted to post this video because the messages are so strong and powerful and I am sure that you will benefit from the positives – listen to what JT says at 1.40 mins and play it back.

Lyubo Kumbarov is a four times Bulgarian Freestyle Wrestling champion and that really is an INCREDIBLE achievement when you consider that wrestling is a huge sport in Bulgaria. Lyubo has told me that we need to spar all out in preparation for competition next year – that’s exciting. I am looking forward to all of us starting new chapters in 2014 and we will be heeding the advice of Lyubo and JT Torres in training sessions from January – let’s write our life stories.