My strategy for learning and teaching BJJ

Featured photo – Andre Galvao, a true believer in drilling to win

BJJ Skill Development – creating behavior

I am extremely interested in the principles of teaching – and coach myself in the hope that I can make progress quickly. My interest in teaching extends to BJJ Lifestyle Team’s training sessions and I believe that rapid progress can be made with a well designed plan. My performance as a teacher impacts the team – everyone is making good progress due also to their interest in and commitment to becoming exceptionally good at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are goal setters.

We all realise that we individually govern our ultimate success  – and also take strength from the fact that we are a team pursuing the same goal. We are motivated, have strong desire and ambition. If you would like to join us, we would all welcome you in our pursuit of high level BJJ.

I have written the following to support my approach to teaching core BJJ techniques – if you relate to this concept, become part of our team – our team HQ is by the Thames, in Kingston.

  • Choose a high reward, low risk technique
  • Mentally commit to the technique and focus positively
  • Believe totally and visualize yourself becoming unstoppable
  • Welcome the fact that repetition is key – drilling is a path to winning
  • Enjoy the journey and believe that every repetition takes you closer to where you want to be
  • Do not doubt the technique and focus on being relentless in achieving your goal
  • Understand the importance of every stage of the technique
  • Work on technique initially, resisting the temptation to add speed
  • Be deliberate with every stage of the technique – make each stage count
  • Continually assess your success
  • Continually assess the weaknesses that your training partners expose
  • Analyse the weaknesses >> eradicate the weaknesses
  • Strive to become supreme in your mastery of the ‘route’
  • Do not give up, never stop believing, use all experiences positively
  • Enjoy the process of owning more and more of the technique
  • Strive to increase the positive outcomes
  • Work the technique endlessly with resistance to have a full understanding of all the possible things your training partner or opponent can do to stop your forward progress
  • Practice the technique on as many different training partners as possible
  • Never give up utilizing the technique – frequency ensures sharpness

BJJ Lifestyle Team has big ambitions – and we are building a beginner’s program to bring the benefits of BJJ to as many as possible and also hope for future champions.

We are building weight category teams within the team. If you would like to be part of our BJJ journey – it would be my pleasure to meet and teach you.