We’re Building A BJJ Competition Team – Beginners Very Welcome

NAGA_UNITED_KINGDOM_2016_splashBJJ Lifestyle Team is going from strength to strength and we are building a competition team. If you haven’t practiced BJJ before, why not join us at our grass 12814314_576167899209589_6919888454053389275_nroots level and train to become a future champion! There is a very active beginners/white belt competition scene in the UK.

We’re now entered at NAGA, The British Open, The Bournemouth Open and The Surrey Open.


IMG_4241_2Perhaps you’ve watched the first UFC’s and seen Royce Gracie beating all comers or you’ve had a more recent interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – come and join us at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston – we have former National, Commonwealth and World champions teaching..

4626387649Our competition team will be competing regularly in 2016 – and the team is growing from strength to strength – now with 45 active members.

People have different reasons for taking up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – self-defence, health and fitness, sport or just purely a desire to learn new practical skills. As a member of BJJ Lifestyle Team, you don’t have to compete but those that want to are fully coached and supported.