Learning the Fireman’s Carry at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston

Danny and Dic 2Monday’s training session with Danny Williams – Commonwealth Games 2014 Judo gold medallist was very detailed and focused heavily around stance, posture, gripping and movement. We all learned some solid fundamentals that we can add to our existing stand-up games.Danny and Gary

The movement patterns helped us with further mobility and Danny’s tips on the gripping exchange were truly enlightening.

grips & LogoLots of us realised just how effective a well executed Fireman’s Carry is – as always, the details make the difference. We look forward to adding more of Danny’s Judo for BJJ to our system.Judo

In addition to our Judo session we did lots of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with emphasis on guard and the triangle choke. BJJ was followed by a combined Judo and BJJ sparring session.