‘Brazilian Style’ BJJ Training in 2017

Standing with my teacher - Leo Negao.

Standing with my teacher – Leo Negao.

2016 has been a great year for us with lots learned from Leo Negao.

We sailed through our three-year team anniversary in September.

imaage7Leo’s pressure game has had a very significant impact on the team’s BJJ.

The team has grown to such a size – topping 50 – that there are now regularly 25 people training on the BJJ Lifestyle Team mat – with very good blue and purple belts bringing years of experience.

Staying calm under pressure!

Staying calm under pressure!

The last few months have brought ‘Brazilian Style’ ¬†training with an internal championship and extended King of the Hill sparring sessions – something the entire team looks forward to.

2017 is expected to be our very biggest year to date with much planned in terms of further improved training methodology, the team competing at competitions and of course, lots more stand-up training and strong groundwork.

If you would like to join BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston as a complete beginner Рcome along and meet us. We offer quite exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction from a teacher with 25 years BJJ experience, Judo specific BJJ for takedown knowledge and Wrestling specific  BJJ Рall under one roof.

imaage2We’re situated just two minutes walk from Kingston bridge and 5 minutes from Kingston station. Our first training session of 2017 is on Thursday 5th January – contact us through this site for more information.