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Self Defence BJJ a Big Hit in Kingston

A new era is upon us. Leo Negao, a self-defence expert with twenty-five plus years BJJ experience – now teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu twice a week in Kingston.

Leo’s very first Saturday session in Kingston saw lift off of one incredible sequence – a series of highly effective, super efficient techniques that as a team we will be putting countless repetitions into. As Leo said, you might know it, you might have seen it but can you do it – under pressure? We’re going to make sure we can.

We’re seeking a high degree of performance – the ability to execute our moves with a confidence that sees our bodies travel through to submission in a virtually automatic state.

Saturday’s session focused on a simple to achieve takedown with all questions answered. We discussed the entry, how to protect the head, not just from counters but also impact with the ground.

On hitting the ground we discussed and practiced many times, initial control. How to shut the opponent down, stop movement and the opponent’s escape, how to use the legs to kill an opponent’s movement.

We discussed the need to be tight and heavy and how to achieve this technically – not just with strength and power.

Next – the transition to mount. How to stay in control, move to mount without releasing pressure. Fascinating.

So much to discuss when in the mount – retention, base, setting the opponent’s arm up for a submission – control and finish – giving zero space for escape. All extremely interesting.

Our BJJ training session was based on skill acquisition, but also discussion in terms of where we are taking our training and the objective. We spent a portion of the session honing the technique, time was given to building in speed without loss of form and the need to motor through without hesitation – seamless and slick delivery of our techniques – everything very thought inspiring and highly motivating.

Saturday the 30th was the first of many training sessions where we will be examining and putting into practice Leo’s pressure based style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Everything delivered with strikes from an opponent kept in mind.

If you would like to be part of our training sessions – join BJJ Lifestyle Team – Team Leo Negao. Leo teaches in Kingston on Thursdays and Saturdays – and you can train with him at his gym in Vauxhall as part of your membership. Leo’s Vauxhall gym is 5 minutes walk from Vauxhall station – a quick run up from Kingston.

Our monthly membership fee includes training on the following days:

Mondays – 7-9 pm, Wednesdays – 6-7.30 pm, Thursdays – 7.30-9.30 pm, Fridays – 7-8.30 pm and Saturdays – 10.30-12 noon.




Total Beginners Bolstering Team at BJJ Lifestyle Team


Lots of beginners turning up at Lifestyle Team to learn BJJ. Getting everyone to a stage where they have a very strong grasp and deep understanding of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is our mission.  Housing champs is great, but getting people started with a view to them training for the long-term is of paramount importance to us.
Lifestyle Team – exactly that, promoting good health, the mental and physical gains that can be made by all, are what brings true satisfaction to the coaches.

Two of Lifestyle Team’s coaches started training at 36 years of age and have used BJJ to stay fit and healthy well into their 40’s – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has become more to us than just competing, more than a fighting art – it’s genuinely a way of living. If now is the right time for you to start living the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle – contact us and arrange your first training session, it’s a free one.

Gi and No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Lifestyle Team

Now training for 6 hours across our Monday, Thursday and Friday training sessions – the quality of BJJ coaching is stepping up with Leo Negao having a heavy influence on our teaching syllabus. Always wanting to give the team exactly what they’re looking for – we recently ran a poll across our 60+ team members asking the question: why did you start BJJ? The resounding answer was to learn a martial art.

Our path was defined in January 2009 when coach Diccon Lynes was witness to a life threatening situation. He realised that the purely sport focused BJJ he had been learning was not going to give him the confidence or skills to deal with a dangerous situation. After much research, Diccon made the decision to travel to East London several times a week to train with Leo Negao – someone practicing BJJ, with self-defence in mind. Our focus is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that accounts for the possibility of punches being thrown.

Exciting times are ahead of us at Lifestyle Team and joining us may well change your life. We believe in practicing self-defence BJJ and living a healthy lifestyle. Contact us to take the first step on your path to living a healthier lifestyle – join Lifestyle Team.


Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Lifestyle Team – Call 07974 303 147

We’re spending a huge amount of time developing our closed guard – working hard at killing our opponent’s posture. For us, ultimate BJJ self-defence starts and ends with the closed guard – educating our bodies to deflect power, finding angles, removing defences, shifting our opponents around with clever use of body mechanics. Re-directing, neutralising our opponent’s strength. Destroying our opponent’s posture gives us our submissions – but we go beyond that, making our attacks tough to defend.

The team’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training is presently focused on both the closed guard and sweeps. The sweeps that really work under pressure. Learn how to keep someone in closed guard – learn the triangle, arm bar and Kimura. We’ll teach you how to defend yourself – come and meet the team in Kingston – get fit, healthy and learn a new skill.

Rock Solid Leg Locks and the Defensive ‘Dig Out’

Fascinating. One word that describes BJJ Lifestyle Team’s leg locks sessions in Kingston. The ‘catch’, the defence, how to apply pressure and the finish. Add to this the defensive considerations – wow, mind-blowing. Way beyond basics – the straight footlock, these sessions are bringing so much technical enjoyment to what we do. Just superb to watch the guys sparring with leg lock finishes and clever, well-timed defence.

Join the team and benefit from a wealth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knowledge. Not feeling up to the main team training session? Want a slightly slower, gentle start to your BJJ? Join our Monday night fundamentals class – cost just £10. See http://www.bjjintheblood.com for more information.

Gold at the BJJ British Open for Michael Cheung

Michael Cheung is starting to take grip on the Rooster Master 1 blue belt division. This month he won gold at the British Open where he took the back of both of his opponents and submitted them. Success at the British Open follows on nicely from the gold he won last year at the Surrey Open. Congratulations – hard training paying off.

Silver at the BJJ British Open followed by Gold at the Gloucester Open

Congratulations to Richard Mackie who earlier in the month won silver as a white belt in the heavyweight division at the British Open.

Rich has now followed this up with a gold medal as a blue belt at the Gloucester Open – finishing his opponent with a Kimura in the final. Oss.

Lifestyle Team hits 50 strong..

Oss! Our reputation for quite outstanding coaching attracts new16344057_10154934776811081_1721491669_n members to the team – deepening the ranks. Very pleasing to see some very capable and athletically able beginners joining the team this month – all with a promising future. Judo specific BJJ is thrilling to

16343796_10154934782066081_1264245130_nwatch on Monday nights with many of the team’s more experienced members really getting the combinations off sweetly.

Those with three years experience now reaping the rewards of all their hard work and consistency. Our purple belts have done an incredible job along
16358487_10154934776691081_1969426390_nwith the more experienced blue belts – of making the new team members – total beginners – feel very welcome. Thank you.

Our King of the Hill training sessions are now often an hour-long – and provide a fun challenge to everyone with some stand-out performances.

Exciting times ahead this year with more people joining the team – some bringing prior BJJ experience to our mat – just great.

Lastly – congratulations to Piotr for his two IBJJF European championship medals – bronze in the blue belt division and gold in the Absolute. Incredible. We’re lucky to have him training with us every week.

‘Brazilian Style’ BJJ Training in 2017

Standing with my teacher - Leo Negao.
Standing with my teacher – Leo Negao.

2016 has been a great year for us with lots learned from Leo Negao.

We sailed through our three-year team anniversary in September.

imaage7Leo’s pressure game has had a very significant impact on the team’s BJJ.

The team has grown to such a size – topping 50 – that there are now regularly 25 people training on the BJJ Lifestyle Team mat – with very good blue and purple belts bringing years of experience.

Staying calm under pressure!
Staying calm under pressure!

The last few months have brought ‘Brazilian Style’  training with an internal championship and extended King of the Hill sparring sessions – something the entire team looks forward to.

2017 is expected to be our very biggest year to date with much planned in terms of further improved training methodology, the team competing at competitions and of course, lots more stand-up training and strong groundwork.

If you would like to join BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston as a complete beginner – come along and meet us. We offer quite exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction from a teacher with 25 years BJJ experience, Judo specific BJJ for takedown knowledge and Wrestling specific  BJJ – all under one roof.

imaage2We’re situated just two minutes walk from Kingston bridge and 5 minutes from Kingston station. Our first training session of 2017 is on Thursday 5th January – contact us through this site for more information.

Knee on stomach and mount retention

15203288_545369928984824_3843100509955420173_nAnother superb week of training with some critical grip fighting details from Jon Purssey with his BJJ specific Judo and an in-depth look at securing the triangle with an ‘S’ mount entry – taught by Diccon Lynes in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training sessions. Options were given for an arm-bar finish or a triangle submission – two of BJJ’s big moves.

Pictured: two of BJJ Lifestyle Team’s high level blue belts practicing knee on stomach, mount retention and Kimura finishes.15338620_545370075651476_7131717297611868239_n

Both have become high level grapplers – joining the team as complete beginners a couple of years ago.

If you would like to join us as a complete BJJ beginner you will be given a very warm welcome!


Leo Negao Back In Kingston And Purple Belt Awarded

thumbnail_img_0018ltSaturday saw the return of Leo Negao to Kingston to conduct his second Lifestyle Team Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar. 14909938_534266973428453_6498209076253814249_nA BJJ black belt for over 17 years, Leo’s seminar was three hours long and focused on building a strong guard and three side control escapes.

At the end of the seminar, Gary Hewson was promoted to purple belt by Diccon Lynes after 4 years of solid training.

If you would like to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Kingston – give us a call on 07974 303 147 to find out what we can offer you. Lots of our coaches are former high level champions and teach their skills to a wide range of beginners, those with intermediate experience – and the advanced.

BJJ Lifestyle Team Welcome Leo Negao For First Seminar

Leo’s first seminar was three hours long with a lot of attention given to detail – technical demonstrations were followed by practice and questions and answers. IMG_0009The first part of the seminar featured a strong mount defence and we were then taught how to attack the foot as a follow-up, securing the knee and forcing the opponent to roll.

Leo’s Triangle defence was broken down and built back up again, stage by stage until the team had a firm grasp of the concepts.

The mount is a particularly difficult position to escape from if the person mounted has a strong understanding of how to secure the position and submit their opponent. Leo offered several escapes based on a number of possible mount attacks – lots has been gleaned and we now have our opportunity to practice during our weekly training sessions.Group

Leo is scheduled to do another defend and escape seminar in three months time – with Side Control escapes featuring strongly.

If you would like to start learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Kingston – come and join us – there are lots of complete beginners on the mat. IMG_0031Your monthly membership fee gives you access to a former World BJJ champion, a Bulgarian National  champion and a Commonwealth Judo champion, all of which coach on our mat. Call Diccon on 07974 303 147 or contact us through our website for a prompt response and start your own BJJ journey.


A Very Sociable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team!

Friday 18th March saw lots of us visit Rodizio Preto in Putney – the well-known Brazilian restaurant. We all had a fantastic night and ate as much as we could – the meat was delicious and so was the Brazilian beer!

We’re all looking forward to our next team outing – tickets are booked to watch Polaris 3 in Bournemouth. 1016705_561742097335723_7443181327251150028_n Seeing Gary Tonon fight live is going to be exciting and there are many more talented fighters competing, Joao Miyao,  Gianni Grippo, Augusto Tanquinho,  AJ Agazarm, Jake Shields, Rousimar Palhares and others. So, we’re all fired up for April 2nd – another Lifestyle Team outing!

There are several booked onto the BJJ Globetrotters summer campuk-camp-poster-SOLD-OUT – all very excited and looking forward to being trained by some amazing instructors.

If you would like to learn BJJ and would like also to be part of a team that enjoy socialising together – look no further than BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston – we’re just two minutes walk from Kingston bridge! We’re enrolling new beginners all the time and there’s a discount available for students.

The coaching line-up is truly incredible – our Judo coach is a former Commonwealth champion and also a BJJ player. Our No-Gi takedown program is headed up by a multi time Bulgarian freestyle wrestling champion and our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills are passed down by one of the UK’s most formidable BJJ fighters who is a former world champion.

BJJ Lifestyle Team – more than just training.

Strong Performance At Kleos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition

Strong performances at Kleos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition at the High Wycombe Judo centre – with Ben Gracie picking up a silver medal in a stacked division.

Ben walking onto the mat, focussed and ready for his first BJJ fight.
Focussed and ready for his first ever BJJ fight.

Entering his first BJJ competition, Ben (in the white Gi) had a total of four fights, submitting his first two opponents. In his first fight he finished his opponent with a head and arm triangle choke, the second opponent was also choked out and in his third fight he heavily dominated his opponent to win by a very substantial number of points.

Ben was the only competitor to submit his opponents in the early stages of his division..
Ben was the only competitor to submit his opponents in the early stages of his division..

Ben lost the final after a gritty performance but took home silver in a big division.



Charged up and ready to fight..
Charged up and ready to fight..

Richard Mackie (in the black Gi) also put in a strong performance – winning his first competition fight – in a big division.

Passing the half guard..
Passing the half guard..


Rich lost his first fight but recovered quickly and with a strong and determined mind, dominated his second opponent to take a points victory.

Victorious. An exhilarating feeling.
Victorious. An exhilarating feeling.

Richard’s third fight was a stand out fight in the division – truly exciting with both fighters having periods of positional dominance. Rich lost the fight narrowly, on points but put in a very strong performance against a clearly experienced competitor.

If you would like to join a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team in Kingston-upon-Thames, join Lifestyle Team. We have big plans for 2016 and beginners are very welcome.

Richard Mackie with Diccon Lynes - Team Coach.
Richard Mackie with Diccon Lynes – Team Coach.

Our large team trains just 2 minutes from Kingston bridge.

We have upwards of twenty people on the mat during our training sessions making the Lifestyle Team a fantastic place to train with a brilliant atmosphere. There are no egos and everyone is looked after and very welcome.

If you are a beginner and would like to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – find out how the team runs, costs or our beginner’s program by contacting Diccon: 07974 303 147 or e-mail: bjjlifestyleteam@gmail.com


First Training Session of 2016 With Twenty Seven People Training

Join BJJ Lifestyle Team and start your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle – our beginners are well looked after and learn all of the ‘basics’ of BJJ very quickly..

Happy New Year to everyone – 2016 is going to be a big year with Lyubo Kumbarov doing some week night No-Gi training sessions, Jonathan Purssey continuing with his Judo for BJJ training program and Leo Negao conducting some of his brilliant Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminars. Mondays and Thursdays will of course always be BJJ nights and Fridays continue as usual as our sparring only night – with all welcome. Saturdays are No-Gi takedown training sessions – if you can make Saturdays you will not be disappointed!

We did the looking like tough guys picture just before this one..!
Training at Vauxhall BJJ with my friend and teacher, Leo Negao..

For those that don’t already know, Lyubo is a 4 times Bulgarian Freestyle wrestling champion, Leo is a former BJJ world champion and Jonathan is a former Commonwealth and British Judo champion. I have never trained anywhere with such an incredible line-up of coaches.

2016 promises to be big in many ways – lots of our white belts will be embarking on their competition journeys and our blue belts will be getting out there again, too.

Contact me and I will answer any questions you have.
Contact me and I will answer any questions you have – 07974 303 147.

Our team size is about forty strong now and average class sizes are much bigger. Although we have one of the biggest mats I have ever trained on – I am going to enlarge the mat further still to accommodate the growing numbers on the team. More people on the mat means our training experience just gets better and better with lots of people to spar with in every weight category from featherweight through to heavyweight.

Looking forward to training with all of you sometime in the next week or so – I’m teaching defences and escapes from classic guard submission attacks so if you want to learn the finer details of a triangle or guillotine defence – grab your Gi and get down to the mat! Oss!