Former British and Commonwealth Judo Champion Teaches Takedowns For BJJ

Jonathon Purssey, former British and Commonwealth Judo champion, has begun teaching at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston. We feel absolutely privileged to have such an exceptional teacher and accomplished Judo champion, on our mat. Almost two years to the day that Lifestyle Team was started – we now combine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling and Judo for BJJ. Jonathon teaches a … Read More

Team Spirit At BJJ Lifestyle Team Kingston

As someone who moved to Kingston in 1999 – I know how hard it can be to settle into a new town and find a social circle. If you want to join a group of positive minded people who bond further every single training session – join us and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We teach BJJ as an art and a … Read More

More Beginners, More Blue Belts Joining Lifestyle Team

Learn to dominate people 20 kilos heavier than you with pure technique at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston – growing from strength to strength – join us to be part of it. If you are a blue belt that hasn’t trained for a while or has relocated to the Kingston area – come and join us for free training for … Read More

Practicing Our BJJ Stand-Up Skills Every Training Session

Additional blue belts are arriving on the team and they’re all saying that they can feel the difference our wrestling makes in sparring. We practice our wrestling basics every training session – refining our posture, our hand positioning – our set-ups – gaining confidence and vital mat time on our feet. Our training sessions are a mix of stand-up work … Read More

Three Months Free Training For Blue Belts

Are you a blue belt that hasn’t trained for a while? Are you a blue belt relocating to Kingston upon Thames? BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston want to add additional depth to their experienced team. We have some very good blue belts training regularly including some with four years consistent BJJ experience – we want to further strengthen BJJ Lifestyle … Read More

Learn To Attack The Back At Lifestyle Team In Kingston

At Lifestyle Team in Kingston we combine superb wrestling takedowns with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Working plenty of No-Gi BJJ and Gi training, we focus on the big positions and submissions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We will teach you guard passing, side control, knee on stomach, the mount and all the defence you will need to become an accomplished grappler. Add to that … Read More

Takedown Straight To Ground Control – Join The Team In Kingston

Saturday training is just getting better and better at Lifestyle Team in Kingston. Complementing our BJJ perfectly – we are working on two-on-one arm control and the front head lock drag down from a deep undertook. Learning the mechanics from Lyubo is enlightening – our stand-up games are building quickly and we are all improving with the application of leverage … Read More

Exciting No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu At Lifestyle Team

Beginners, white, blue, purple and brown belts very welcome at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston. We are growing quickly and it’s the people on the mat and the big class numbers that make Lifestyle Team the place to train. The bigger we become as a team, the stronger we will all be. Beginners are our future – we are teaching … Read More