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Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at BJJ Lifestyle Team – Call 07974 303 147

We’re spending a huge amount of time developing our closed guard – working hard at killing our opponent’s posture. For us, ultimate BJJ self-defence starts and ends with the closed guard – educating our bodies to deflect power, finding angles, removing defences, shifting our opponents around with clever use of body mechanics. Re-directing, neutralising our opponent’s strength. Destroying our opponent’s posture gives us our submissions – but we go beyond that, making our attacks tough to defend.

The team’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training is presently focused on both the closed guard and sweeps. The sweeps that really work under pressure. Come along to our fundamentals class on Mondays to learn how to keep someone in closed guard – learn the triangle, arm bar and Kimura. We’ll teach you how to defend yourself – come and meet the team in Kingston – get fit, healthy and learn a new skill. For more information about beginner’s BJJ in Kingston check out http://www.bjjintheblood.com . Learn how to get someone off you if you’re mounted – at BJJ Lifestyle Team.

EBI Fan? Come and Learn Leg Attacks at BJJ Lifestyle Team

Well we teach it all – but if you want leg attack details – Gi and No-Gi training every week, long training sessions and plenty of sparring, we’re the team for you.

Beginners are very welcome, very. Fundamentals class Mondays – Gi training afterwards, No-Gi on Thursdays – two solid hours, sparring only session available on Friday nights. 50 strong team.

Always wanted to start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Join our fundamentals class and benefit from being around higher belts that are very keen to help you onto the team and progress your BJJ.

Rock Solid Leg Locks and the Defensive ‘Dig Out’

Fascinating. One word that describes BJJ Lifestyle Team’s leg locks sessions in Kingston. The ‘catch’, the defence, how to apply pressure and the finish. Add to this the defensive considerations – wow, mind-blowing. Way beyond basics – the straight footlock, these sessions are bringing so much technical enjoyment to what we do. Just superb to watch the guys sparring with leg lock finishes and clever, well-timed defence.

Join the team and benefit from a wealth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knowledge. Not feeling up to the main team training session? Want a slightly slower, gentle start to your BJJ? Join our Monday night fundamentals class – cost just £10. See http://www.bjjintheblood.com for more information.

Leg Locks Our Present Focus of Attention

Great feedback from the team helps us to deliver the training people are looking for. Of course what we do, is well-rounded – everybody is taught the essentials of BJJ, but just recently, we’ve been focusing our attention on leg locks under the watchful eye of Rodolfo Patello – 3rd degree black belt and leg lock expert. Fascinating, no other word for it – so interesting and pleasing those on the team that have become fans of the EBI format. 

There is an incredible amount of technical detail – so much more than grab a foot and apply strength. Posture as always king, how to secure the foot, trap the knee, use your body to see off counter attacks and all the technical detail that allows you to apply pure leverage. Awesome. The two brown belts on the team are training leg attacks and leg lock/lower body defence a full four days a week on top of their usual evening session training – and all of the knowledge gained from Patello is filtered down for everybody’s benefit.

Learn footlocks, heel hooks, knee bars and toe holds at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston — Brazilian style BJJ training by the river. Oss.

Come and Join the Fun – BJJ Lifestyle Team – Kingston

Have you practiced BJJ in the past but been out for sometime? If you want to pick things back up and now is the right time to try a new team – come along! For us – BJJ is all about serious training in a relaxed environment. There are 50 people on our team – training for all of us has never been so enjoyable – we have team spirit in abundance and there are many strong friendships. If you’re looking for the highest level of instruction, a sociable and genuinely great group, want to stay fit and healthy and also progress your TECHNICAL ABILITY – BJJ Lifestyle Team is the team for you.

White, blue, purple, brown and black belts very welcome – bring your knowledge, learn from us – reap the rewards of BJJ.

We’re just three minutes walk from TGI Friday’s. Make training with us your weekly routine. Rekindle your BJJ spirit!


Gold at the BJJ British Open for Michael Cheung

Michael Cheung is starting to take grip on the Rooster Master 1 blue belt division. This month he won gold at the British Open where he took the back of both of his opponents and submitted them. Success at the British Open follows on nicely from the gold he won last year at the Surrey Open. Congratulations – hard training paying off.

A huge BJJ week of Omoplata escapes, cross collar chokes and takedowns..

16229160_405316879808302_3063402925863731200_nMonday’s session was turbo charged with some dramatic takedowns, lots of technical groundwork detail and some big sparring performances.

A packed mat brought a strong sense of team spirit – the advanced as 16110465_829602563846301_2125288803202498560_nalways helped our BJJ beginners and we agreed our competition team planning. So proud of our big club friendly feel – people revved up to train every training session reporting that they have never felt so involved and committed to something ever before. Progress made in all ways, combining wrestling with Judo and lots of BJJ, our core focus – such a special combination – all existing at the highest coaching level.

Our Omoplata escapes were fine tuned by Rodolfo Patello who brings weekly his nearly 20 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience to our mat – giving everyone, beginner to advanced, his knowledge, experience and BJJ wisdom. A privilege for all of us.

16123249_1177543972341428_4270964622158200832_nAnd we have fun – serious training in a relaxed environment brings rapid results.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays – if you want to get really good and have always wanted to learn BJJ but never quite taken the plunge – come and join us for what may well be the start of a life changing experience.

16122633_247910698974100_5253421520486662144_nWe’ll see you on the mat and build you up as quickly as possible.

Complete beginners and the advanced looking for a club closer to home or starting again – very welcome. Oss.

BJJ Lifestyle Team hits 50 strong..

Oss! Our reputation for quite outstanding coaching attracts new16344057_10154934776811081_1721491669_n members to the team – deepening the ranks. Very pleasing to see some very capable and athletically able beginners joining the team this month – all with a promising future. Judo specific BJJ is thrilling to

16343796_10154934782066081_1264245130_nwatch on Monday nights with many of the team’s more experienced members really getting the combinations off sweetly.

Those with three years experience now reaping the rewards of all their hard work and consistency. Our purple belts have done an incredible job along
16358487_10154934776691081_1969426390_nwith the more experienced blue belts – of making the new team members – total beginners – feel very welcome. Thank you.

Our King of the Hill training sessions are now often an hour-long – and provide a fun challenge to everyone with some stand-out performances.

Exciting times ahead this year with more people joining the team – some bringing prior BJJ experience to our mat – just great.

Lastly – congratulations to Piotr for his two IBJJF European championship medals – bronze in the blue belt division and gold in the Absolute. Incredible. We’re lucky to have him training with us every week.