Emphasising Submission Defence

Enjoyable training sessions with BJJ beginners and advanced students training together. We’ve started looking at common submission defences – with training sessions starting to take on a submission then defence, format. Our takedowns are still featuring every team training session. People with absolutely no experience are joining every week and loving the team’s atmosphere. There’s a good positive buzz on … Read More

Strong Team Spirit at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston

Nice shot of some of the team rolling – lots of new faces and the experienced white, blue, purple and brown belts – all training in the same session, helping the beginners along. We all want the team to grow and be successful. Monday’s session saw us looking at a couple more half guard sweeps – great to see everyone’s … Read More

BJJ White Belts Improving Quickly

Beginners Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training sessions going well at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston. Nice to see some ladies training – some with previous Jiu-Jitsu experience. Our white belts are being introduced to all of the key positions – we’re looking at the basics of half guard at the moment.  Our more advanced belts are now becoming quite technical – and … Read More

BJJ Lifestyle Team’s Next Generation

Enjoyed very much our second children’s and teenagers’ BJJ lesson at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston. Great to see a new team member (!) – our kids BJJ lesson takes place on Thursdays at 5.45-6-45. Lesson plans are being formulated with a strong emphasis on ground based self-defence. With time, we will be grading our junior team as their skills … Read More

Children’s and Teenagers’ BJJ Lessons Starting March 8th in Kingston

Starting this coming Thursday, March 8th at the sea cadets centre in Kingston – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons for children and teenagers aged 10-15 years. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fantastic sport and martial art – promoting confidence, discipline, health and well-being – we would be delighted to teach your son or daughter in a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment. Our aim … Read More

First Week of Training Free

Become part of the BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston – big friendly team learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian . Beginners programme in place – lots of white belts attending our Monday training sessions – just two minutes walk from Kingston bridge. If you want to discuss what to expect before you come along – call Diccon on 07973 303 147. Get … Read More

Become Part of our Beginners Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Programme

We have it all – friendship, competitiveness, team spirit and very high quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction. If you are a complete beginner, let us welcome you and help you week by week, develop your BJJ skills. Join BJJ Lifestyle Team and realise health benefits, enjoy our socials, train with a big group of friends and work your way up from … Read More

Some of the White Belts at BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston

Join BJJ Lifestyle Team in Kingston and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Rio de Janeiro black belt Leo Negao. Never has there been a better time to join the team – big numbers on the mat, outstanding instruction and an amazing team atmosphere. We practice No-Gi and Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Situated just a few minutes walk from Kingston bridge and Kingston … Read More

Numbers Lifting at Beginner BJJ Lessons

Numbers lifting at our beginners BJJ lessons in Kingston. Lots joining the team tying the white belt for the first time. Our focus on fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is giving everybody a super strong foundation and our sessions are often very well-attended with many new to BJJ. We are the BJJ Lifestyle Team – and team spirit is an abundance – … Read More

Darren Promoted to Blue Belt

                            Very pleasing to promote Darren Sawyer to blue belt – displaying great technical application over the course of the last couple of months – his standard has soared. Darren now attends three of BJJ Lifestyle Team’s training sessions per week – including Saturday’s No-Gi lesson. Oss.